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    Sept 2021 - Present
  • DevOps Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • CloudFront
  • CircleCI
  • Web Redesign
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Security Implementation
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Scalability
  • Performance Optimization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Automation
  • Site Speed
  • Deployment Streamlining

Iglumtech Website Redesign and DevOps Implementation

DevOps, Web

Project details

Project Description:

The Iglumtech website project began as a professional service and book sales site, and it evolved over time to cater to IT operations and technology-focused content. The project involved multiple phases of development, redesign, and migration to enhance user experience, content relevance, and site performance. A key aspect of the project was implementing a robust DevOps system to streamline deployment, ensure prompt updates, and maximize site security.

Problem Statement:

The initial challenge was to revamp the Iglumtech website to align with changing goals and user expectations. The need for efficient deployment and content updates necessitated the implementation of a DevOps system that automates the deployment process and ensures a secure and smooth experience for users.

My Contributions:

  • Website Redesign:
    The website's content, design, and layout were revamped to shift its focus from professional services and book sales to an IT operations-centric platform. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS were used to create a modern and engaging user interface.
  • Cloud Migration:
    I migrated the website from Google Cloud Platform to an AWS S3 bucket, utilizing Amazon Web Services for improved scalability and performance.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN):
    I implemented CloudFront as a CDN to accelerate content delivery, enhance site performance, and reduce latency for users across different geographical locations.
  • Enhanced Security:
    An AWS-signed certificate was employed to secure the website using HTTPS, providing users with the highest level of cloud security features.
  • DevOps Implementation:
    I designed and implemented a DevOps workflow using CircleCI. This allowed for automatic synchronization of changes from the local development environment to the AWS S3 bucket. As a result, any changes made and committed triggered immediate updates on the live site.

Outcome of the Project:

The ongoing "Iglumtech Website Redesign and DevOps Implementation" project yielded significant outcomes:
  • Focused Content:
    The website's transformation aligned it with IT operations and technology, attracting a relevant audience seeking technology-related content.
  • Enhanced Performance:
    The migration to AWS, use of CloudFront, and HTTPS implementation collectively contributed to enhanced site speed, performance, and security.
  • Efficient Deployment:
    The DevOps system using CircleCI streamlined the deployment process, enabling rapid updates and changes without manual intervention.
  • User Experience:
    The project resulted in an improved user experience, with engaging design, relevant content, and seamless functionality.
  • Technical Proficiency:
    The project showcased my technical skills in web development, cloud migration, CDN implementation, and DevOps automation.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the "Iglumtech Website Redesign and DevOps Implementation" project underscored my ability to adapt, innovate, and create meaningful digital experiences. The ongoing evolution of the website and the implementation of a robust DevOps workflow demonstrated my commitment to continuous improvement, user satisfaction, and efficient deployment practices.


I undertook the Iglumtech website project, which initially served as a professional service and book sales site but transformed into a comprehensive IT operations and tech-focused platform. The project encompassed phases of development, redesign, and migration to enhance user experience and content relevance while implementing a robust DevOps system for streamlined deployment and heightened security. Notably, I revamped the website's content and design using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, migrating it to AWS S3 from Google Cloud Platform for scalability. Additionally, I leveraged CloudFront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and enforced HTTPS security with AWS-signed certificates. My implementation of a DevOps workflow through CircleCI ensured automatic updates, contributing to a focused user experience, improved performance, efficient deployment, and technical proficiency in web development, cloud migration, CDN integration, and DevOps automation. This ongoing project highlights my dedication to innovation and delivering valuable digital experiences.


Frontend (HTML, JS, CSS)
These web technologies were instrumental in overhauling the website's design and content. JavaScript added interactivity and dynamic features to the user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. HTML and CSS were used to structure and style the website, respectively. Together, they transformed the platform into a modern and engaging IT operations-centric site, aligning with the project's evolving objectives.
AWS S3 was employed to migrate the website from Google Cloud Platform, resulting in improved scalability and performance. This cloud storage service provided a reliable infrastructure for hosting the revamped site, ensuring it could handle increased traffic and user demands effectively.
AWS CloudFront (CDN)
CloudFront was implemented as a CDN to optimize content delivery, enhance site performance, and reduce latency for users across different geographical locations. By caching content at edge locations worldwide, CloudFront contributed to faster page loading times, creating a more responsive and efficient website.
AWS-Signed Certificate
To enhance the website's security, an AWS-signed certificate was utilized to enable HTTPS. This cryptographic protocol ensured secure data transmission between the server and users' browsers, safeguarding sensitive information and instilling trust among visitors.
CircleCI was pivotal in establishing a robust DevOps workflow. It automated the deployment process, allowing seamless synchronization of changes from the local development environment to the AWS S3 bucket. This automation ensured that any updates or modifications made to the website were immediately reflected on the live site, streamlining the deployment pipeline and reducing the need for manual intervention.
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